29 March 2009

Tip of the Day March 29 2009

Easy Openings

Sometimes we come across a jar that just won't open, no matter how hard we twist that lid. If you don't have a rubber mat, or an old hot water bottle to cut up, here are some ideas that are frugal and readily available in most homes:

1. A damp dishcloth, like a Chux wipe helps you grip better

2. If that doesn't work, run the jar under hot water and using a blunt knife (e.g. butter knife) insert the tip of the knife under the lid to break the seal. Once air gets in it will open very easily. The hot water will help the lid to expand, loosening it a little.

3. As a last resort take a Phillips head screwdriver or an old sharp knife and stab the top of the jar to make a small hole, which will let air in. Don' t use your expensive kitchen knives for this trick, it will ruin the tip of the knife.

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