05 April 2009

Tip of the Day April 5, 2009

With Easter only a few days away and kids on school holidays looking for something to do, this tip from a Cheapskater is a fun way to celebrate Easter without the expense.

You don't have to buy chocolate moulds - use your imagination and see what you have at home- egg cups, ice cube trays (these are the perfect size for filled chocolates), jelly moulds, small cake moulds, spoons etc Chocolate making is a great group activity and doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Easter Treats Chocolate Making Day

Every Good Friday I gather my daughter's friends and mine too and have a chocolate making day. You can buy the chocolate moulds very cheap on eBay or even at your confectionery store or Spotlight for under $3.50! Last week I decided to be an early bird and at a store in Bendigo I was fortunate to come across some older stock (the plastic had slightly yellowed as moulds don't have a huge life expectancy) for only 50 cents each!!!!!!!! That was an amazing find. ALSO if you like filled chockies and eggs do not waste money buying the expensive filling and fondants. Hazlenut spread (like Nutella) is delicious filling, if you love strawberry fill just use jam and icing sugar and for creamier fillings use icing sugar and any flavoured topping mixed well! The flavour possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination and trial and error will do the trick. I just think that an Easter egg making session with the kids all together is a messy but memorable experience! If you want to get really crafty buy white chocolate buddies, and colour it with powdered food colouring (liquid colours destroy to chocolate) and watch your kids artistic ability fly! Happy Easter to all! - Contributed by Paula, California Gully

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