24 April 2009

Tip of the Day April 24, 2009

Do less laundry

Do you really need to wash the shirt you wore for 2 hours at dinner? Before you throw that shirt into your laundry hamper, take a second look. Does it really need to be washed or could it go for another wearing? Not so very many years ago clothes were worn more than once, often more than twice and for a lot of people they were worn for a week at a time! With the arrival of automatic washing machines and dryers we seem to have developed the habit of wear it once (even if it is just for an hour) and throw it in the wash. Do yourself a favour and think about the clothes you put in the laundry - do they really need to be washed, can they be aired or sponged and worn again? Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting we all wear dirty clothes, but this little action will save time, energy, and help your clothes to last longer.

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