26 April 2009

Tip of the Day April 26, 2009

Break the big jobs down

Sometimes a big project can seem so daunting you hardly know where to begin. If you break it up into smaller parts it can become more manageable, and you’ll be happier feeling like you are making some progress by checking off each of the smaller parts as you complete them. By breaking a big job down into smaller tasks you are much more likely to actually finish it, rather than getting discouraged and putting it aside. A pile of mending can be a breeze if you break it down to smaller tasks i.e. stitch on all the missing buttons one day, fix hems another day and so on. Getting the bank account reconciled won't seem such a big job if you break it down - collect the statements, put the receipts in order, gather pens, notepads etc before you start. Any big (or overwhelming) job can be broken down to smaller steps. Set a time limit and spend no more than 30 minutes on the job without a break.

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