01 October 2009

Tip of the Day 1 October 2009

Personalised Freebies Galore!

Looking for personalised address labels, key rings (for the kid's schoolbags), personalised stationary etc? Then visit www.vistaprint.com.au and check out their free stuff. Sign up to their newsletter to get regular updates on more free stuff as soon as it becomes available! Vistaprint offers lots of free items and only charges you postage on those items that they offer free of charge. They give 3 postal options and although I've always used the slowest (and cheapest) option I've always received my order within in 10-14 days. My first order was for address labels which I personalised using a massive range of designs. I've since ordered address labels for my mum, Christmas address labels, really cool and original personalised key rings for my daughter's schoolbag, business cards (personalised to give to friends and acquaintances as address cards), hats, t-shirts, calendars, fridge magnets and christmas cards and I've only ever paid for the postage. With Christmas not that far away, doing your shopping at Vistaprint can save you money, time and energy.

Website: www.vistaprint.com.au

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