06 October 2009

Tip of the Day 6 October 2009

$2 Dinner Challenge

With the cost of basic food items rising continually having some tasty, nutritious budget conscious meals that help stretch the grocery budget is a necessity. The Cheapskates Club has a forum thread full of great ideas for $2 meals. These meals cost a total of $2 and serve 4 so they fit in really well with the Bare Bones Grocery Challenge too. If you'd like to join us in the $2 Dinner Challenge, login and go to the forum.

Today's $2 Dinner is Veggie Crisper Fried Rice, a simple dish to get you started on your $2 Dinner Challenge.

2 cups rice @25c
1 onion @20c
1 egg @20c
soy sauce @10c
1tbsp vegetable oil @10c
Veggies from the crisper - old carrots, peas, corn, capsicum, celery, spring onion, etc

Two hours beforehand cook rice in boiling water. Drain and lay on a tray in the fridge to dry. Dice veggies into small pieces. When ready to cook, heat oil in wok or heavy based fry pan. Saute veggies two minutes, being careful not to brown them. Remove from pan. Whisk egg and add to pan. Cook 1 minute without stirring, turn and cook 30 seconds. Remove from pan and shred. Add rice to pan and toss to heat through. Add veggies and shredded egg and toss through rice. Turn heat down to low and warm through. Season with soy sauce before serving.

Contributed by Anne F.

Please share your $2 dinner ideas with us, the more we have the more we save.

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