06 November 2010

Herbal tea anyone?

Tea drinking has had a resurgence in recent years, with herbal teas being more popular than ever before. Tea boutiques have sprung up all over the country, selling delightfully packaged flavoured teas, which might lead you to believe that tea-blending is some kind of science, requiring years of practise and study. Herbal tea is, literally, just a concoction of dried herbs steeped in hot water.  Whether you use your own home-grown herbs or supplement them with some you have bought, you can easily make your own herbal tea blends. Simply combine equal quantities of each ingredient, adjusting to taste. To make them giftable, present them in a small jar with a gift tag and a tea ball.  Some delicious blends are:

Rosemary and lavender
Dried orange or lemon zest and aniseed
Hibiscus petals, rose hips and lemon verbena
Lavender flowers, rosemary, lemon balm, spearmint and cloves
Dried lemon zest and ginger

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