28 November 2010

A simple, economical flea shampoo that works

Keep fleas away and your dog healthy and comfortable with this dog wash mix. Mix one part Dettol, two parts dishwashing liquid and three parts water together. Store in a labelled bottle for future use. To use, thoroughly wet your dog's coat and then use enough of the mixture to get a good lather. Massage in well, and rinse off thoroughly.

1 comment:

  1. Kath, have just found your blog after years of receiving your email newsletter. May I say, I found it full of good common sense as well as useful tips. I like the idea of getting up early. I did this when my children were young and my DH started work at 3am. Only trouble was by about 3pm I was bushed. I will try this dog shampoo the next time I was my dogs.
    Lesley J


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