15 September 2011

Almost effortless window washing

Spring has brought the sunshine and boy does that show up dirty windows! Winter has certainly made a mess of the windows in our house, indoors and outside. It's time to bite the bullet and get them clean and sparkling again so I've been trawling through the Tip Store looking for an easy way to clean them.  Jeanette Sainsbury's window wash recipe fits the bill perfectly and made window washing quick, easy and cheap.

Jeanette wrote "Just put 2 litres of warm water in a bucket, add 2 drops of eucalyptus oil and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Dunk a chamois into the bucket and squeeze off some of the excess water and wash the window/mirror. Take 2 sheets of newspaper and scrunch them up and wipe the window dry. The vinegar cuts the dirt/grime off the windows and the eucalyptus oil puts a lovely shine on them...crystal clear. No chemicals are used and it's MUCH cheaper than store bought cleaners. You can also fill a spray bottle with some of the mix before using the chamois for spot cleaning; then you simply use it like any other window cleaner and wipe dry with the newspaper. Your windows will sparkle like never before!"

I used a broom on the outside of the windows rather than a chamois because I don't like standing on the ladder and I'm too short to easily reach the top of the windows.  And instead of newspaper I used microfibre cloths to polish them dry.  The windows are positively sparkling and the house looks so much better with all the winter grime gone.

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