08 September 2011

Smells as Sweet as it Sounds

Today I am challenging you to a task. Today you are going to clean your phone/s. Sure you may swipe them with a duster occasionally, but they get so grimy and grungy.  Take a cotton bud and dip it in some white vinegar. Then use it to clean all the crevices and cracks on the phone.  Don't forget to wipe around the buttons.  Next take a soft cloth and pour a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto it. I love the scent of orange oil, but you may prefer lavender or lemon or any other. Wipe over the phone with the cloth, using it to polish as you wipe. Next time you use the phone it will not only be delightfully clean but it will smell divine.


  1. Denise ScotfordFriday, July 06, 2018

    every so often (about every 3 months) I clean all the phones, remote controls, game controllers, and keyboards in the house.
    I take them apart carefully and clean the inside of the remotes especially, because they are disgusting.. I couldn't figure out why our new foxtel remote wasn't working, someone had spilled coke ion it and it had gotten inside and evaporated to a sticky syrup, sticking the back of the plastic keypad to the circuit board.
    use a damp microfibre cloth to carefully wipe circuit board clean being careful not to get it Wet, or disturb anything sticking out of it, and the plastic keypad and plastic shell can be washed carefully in warm water with dishwashing liquid. drain and dry with a soft cloth and only put back together when completely dry.
    Saven myself the cost of many replacement controllers, keyboards and phones over the years cleaning them out of these type of spills. if you are going to do this, you need to use some common sense, some cant be opened and can only be wiped over the outside; and you need a system so you don't lose screws and bits, so you cant put things back together. I use the plastic lids off containers,shallow enough to work on with a raised edge so bits dont roll off.

    1. Great advice Denise. I usually do the TV and DVD recorder remotes on a Monday when I do the loungeroom cleaning. I found a toothpick wrapped in a damp microfibre lens cloth is great for getting the gunk around the buttons without causing damage. Works on the computer keyboards too.


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