13 September 2011

Truer words have never been spoken......

I came across this quote today. With the world facing yet another GFC, Greece about to be expelled from the EU because of poor money management, France facing bankruptcy and the rest of the world in complete turmoil, I don't think truer words have ever been written.

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  1. Teaching this to our children begins with not believing you have to pay for every piece of entertainment your children enjoy. Children who are allowed to use their imaginations in play (by not being given every latest new fad or craze that costs a fortune) are better equipped to problem solve in real life matters. They learn to make things, substitute things, and get over it if they don't have everything that every one else has. They, in fact, learn to be happy with what they've got and make it work for them. How valuable do you think this will be to your child? How many less "children" will be crying if they don't have the latest piece of electronic equipment? Don't have the latest fashion accessory? Don't feel the need to "conform to the uniform" of someone else's ideas of what we must have in order to be accepted as a suitable associate?


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