08 February 2012

Corral those passwords

It's just a modern world we live in and one of the things we all have in common in this modern world are passwords. We have passwords for our email accounts, bank accounts, memberships, our computers, credit cards and dozens of other everyday things in this modern world.

Keeping track of all those passwords is difficult and can be very time consuming and frustrating if you find one day you can't remember a password or PIN. Using the same password for all your accounts may seem easy, but it's not really secure. You should change your passwords routinely (once a year is usually often enough).

So how do you keep track of all these passwords (and other login information). One simple way is to keep them on index cards, one for each account. Another simple way is to use a blank address book with tabbed alphabetical sections and record them in their. You can create a file on your computer and keep them on spreadsheet. There are even electronic password keepers (do a Google search, there are lots) that will keep everything safe for a monthly fee.

Whatever way you choose to store your passwords and PINs remember to keep it secure in a safe place.

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