14 February 2012

Happy Ordinary Tuesday!

Firstly how are you faring in No Spend month?  Of course Valentine's Day falls this month and no, it's not a cop out on my part, we just don't do a "commercial" Valentine's Day.  Actually we don't "do" Valentine's at all really. We wish each other a happy Valentine, and that's about it.

A few years ago someone suggested that we just didn't understand romance, but that's not true. OK, maybe I don't get romance, but I can assure you my darling husband does. He's a real romantic, which means not one day a year but every day.

It might be something as simple as waking me with a kiss and a cup of freshly made coffee when I'm least expecting it. Or a bunch of flowers. One day not long ago he surprised me with a set of tyre deflators and yes, I was so happy (we use tyre deflators to air down when we go 4WDing and they were on my wish list).

I pack little notes in his lunchbox or slip a packet of his favourite biscuits under his pillow. Sometimes I make him toasted fruit loaf for supper and present it with a kiss.

Never a day goes by that we don't tell each other, and our children, we love them.

Romance isn't red roses and chocolates (although they do help) and it's not just one day of the year. I think true romance is all the everyday things done with love, without expectation of anything in return, just because.


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  2. Very True! Romance is not for just one expensive day. Pat


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