22 February 2012

A mid-week money challenge just for you

What would you do if your survival depended on you making more money immediately? Would you get on with it, or would you crumple in a panicked heap and do nothing out of fear?

This week I am challenging you to a little goal: you need an extra $100 in cash this week.

Now list all the possible ways you can raise this extra cash. Write them down, as they come to you is fine.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

    1. Sell unused household items on eBay or Gumtree
    2. Do a letterbox drop in your neighbourhood and sell your services (ironing, IT, gardening etc)
    3. Have a garage sale
    4. Go through the house and collect all the small change hiding in sofa cushions, old handbags, pockets, jars, drawers, the laundry windowsill.
    5. Sell clothing you no longer wear - vintage and retro fashions are drawing big money these days.
    6. Use any gift cards you have to buy what you need and bank the cash you would have spent.
    7. Sell produce from your veggie garden, eggs from your chickens etc
You can add your own ideas to the list, but whatever you choose to do to make your $100 it must be legal and bring in instant cash.


  1. Sorry you probably get hundreds if reply emails to your tips of the day, but I just really wanted to say an extra thank you for this tip! I was lacking motivation to sell off some of the 'stuff' around our house, but I'm going to get onto it this week and make that extra cash!

    Thanks again :)

  2. I did this challenge by gathering up unused items recently purchased and returned them to the shops netting $238.

  3. I work a full time job. On Saturdays I clean house for other people. Usually about 2 each Saturday and that brings in about $140. Not bad for a little of my time. I'm happy with the $ and they are happy having a clean house. :)

  4. Had to laugh today.
    Asked my 12yrold son to take our lovely free-range eggs to Church yesterday & give them to a Lady who has been buying them for the last 6 months.
    She complained bitterly to poor Kyle about the $1.00 price increase. (from $3 to $4)
    From my last calculations - 1/2 dozen free range eggs go for $6-$7.

    1. Oh dear! I'd love to be able to buy free range eggs for that price, or even close to it. Chickens are our next project, but it won't be at this house sadly. Our backyard isn't big enough, well technically we could have hens but I think it would be cruel, they would be confined to a very small yard and I just won't do it. I miss my hens terribly.


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