24 February 2012

This has me raving!

This ratty thing is what I'm raving about - I love, love, love this scourer
I am so excited - I just posted a message on the Member forum I am so excited.

You'll probably laugh when you find out what has me so excited though.

A scourer.

But it's no ordinary scourer.

It's a Naturals All Purpose Scouring Sponge.

I'm raving about it because I've been using one for around 15 months and it hasn't given up the ghost yet. It looks a little worse for wear (and boy has it had some wear) but it still cleans just as well today as the day I opened the packet.

It was a freebie too - a sample dropped in the letterbox one day. I wasn't too fussed - I never used to like sponges of any kind, much prefer my knitted dishcloths and a scrub bud. But one day as I reached for a new scrub bud my hand felt the packet and I decided to give it a try.

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that 15 months later I'd still be using it. This thing is never going to die, and it gets used every day.

It cleans the sinks.
It scrubs the pots, the stovetop, the oven, the baking dishes, the glass lids to the saucepans.
It cleans non-stick pots and pans without even a hint of a scratch.
It does a brilliant job of the barbecue.
I even use it on the glass showerscreens.

For the last six months or so I've been looking for a replacement. I've searched Coles and Woolworths, Kmart, Big W, even Bunnings. I've looked in the Reject Shop and other $2 type shops to no avail. None of the stores I've looked in have stocked it.

Well this afternoon as I was using it to scrub a lid, I finally made a hole in the scourer part. That was the decider; I had to find out where I could get another one of these amazing little scourers.

I tried good old Google first. Sadly Google let me down today. So I bit the bullet, picked up the phone and called the manufacturer direct.

I am so glad I did. Lovely, lovely lady I spoke to was so helpful. She directed me to IGA. Now why didn't I think of IGA? IGA supermarkets stock my scourer - woo hoo. And you know what - and this is the best thing about IGA - if my local store doesn't have it, they'll order it in for me!

I'm so happy. I posted on the forum that it would be the first thing I buy when our Spending Freeze ends next week.

But I'm not sure I can wait that long!

About the Naturals All Purpose Scouring Sponge:

It's made by Vileda and this detail is straight off the Vileda website:
• Made from renewable and recycled materials – corundum, cellulose, recycled bottle flakes and coconut shell abrasives.
• Super absorbent naturals cellulose sponge absorbs water leaving surfaces dry
• Recycled abrasives for powerful scrubbing to remove dirt.
• Available in a pack of 2.

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