07 September 2012

Eat Less Meat

I'm not suggesting you suddenly become a vegetarian or vegan, but eating less meat is a good thing. It's healthier for you, your budget and the environment. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reports that livestock creates more greenhouse gasses than all the motor vehicles in the world combined! Beef production creates thirteen times more gasses than poultry and fifty-seven (yes, fifty-seven) times more greenhouse gasses than potatoes!

Try one or two meatless meals a week (there are lots of meatless recipes in the Recipe File for you to try) and watch your grocery bill come down, and be confident that you are also doing a little extra to safeguard our environment.


  1. I was always feeling sick after I had a meal of meet, beef in particular and I decided to eat as little as possible which is once in a blue moon now and I feel heaps better. The problem is these days nothing is in it's natural state and has been adulterated with who knows what exactly. We are growing a little eco friendly garden of veg and fruit. So meat is off the menu and our wallet feels better and we are not contributing to the cruelty of animals. Health is improving and there are plenty of lovely foods one can eat instead of meat. Thank you for your interesting and informing site. Enjoy so much. Yours kindly Dawn

  2. Unfortunately when we are told that cows contribute to more green house gas than cars it is more likely due to the way that WE raise them. Moreso in USA but we Aussies are unfortunately following along, cattle are kept in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, CAFO's. They are not able to move around, stand knee deep in their own filth and don't get to eat grass. Their digestive system then has to cope with cheap filler such GMO corn, GMO soy and industrial discards such as stale bread and imperfect chocolate or lollies! Of course they give off a lot of gas. The answer is not necessarily to eat meatless meals but perhaps to eat less but better quality, grass fed animals. Another time to vote with your dollar.


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