09 May 2013

How To Set Up A Swapping Circle

 Do you swap things with your friends and family?

Swapping has actually become quite popular. It’s a great way to enjoy things like books, movies, clothing and entertainment without spending too much money.

One of the best ways to integrate swapping into your life is to create your own swapping circle.

Here’s how:

Step1. Recruit

Ask friends and family if they’d be interested in swapping books, movies, clothing or even babysitting services with you. Once you have a handle on how many people are interested and what they’re interested in swapping, you can begin to create a plan.

Step 2 Map it Out

Decide what you’re going to swap and when. A good model to work with is a monthly swap. For example, if you decide to swap books and movies then once a month you meet, bring your items, and choose what you want to watch and/or read the next month.
You can also create a blog or website where members simply post what they have and what they’re looking for. Then everyone can respond if they’re interested.

Step 3. Make it Fun

Put on music, offer cocktails and rotate the swapping meetings to different houses. For example, if you organize a clothing swapping circle with your friends then once a month you can all get together and enjoy a girl’s night in with friends, laughter and a whole new wardrobe.
Swapping is just one way to save money and live well.

Visit the Cheapskates Club to learn how to live large on a small budget.

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