16 March 2014

Today's Sustainable Cheapskating Workshop

Anyone can practice sustainable cheapskating, even in the suburbs. Gavin Webber proved it to a room full of enthralled Cheapskaters this afternoon.

Today was the day for the Sustainable Cheapskating workshop and as you know the guest speaker was none other than Gavin Webber, author of the Greening of Gavin blog (and five e-books) and winner of the 2013 Local Green Hero Award.

I've been following Gavin's blog for ages, amazed at just what he's accomplished in a few short years on an ordinary Aussie suburban block.  And all while raising a family with his lovely wife Kim.

So when we were planning this year's workshops and the topic of sustainability came up, he sprang to mind immediately. Boy was I nervous when I asked him if he'd be available to speak to us. I waited, almost without breathing for his reply.

When he very graciously came back with an "I'd love to" I was ecstatic. And I've been that way ever since.

It was so nice to actually meet Gavin and his son Ben in person this afternoon, to hear him tell how he had his green epiphany, and how it led to his now very frugal lifestyle.

It's the reverse of our lifestyle change. We went frugal, with green living being a very welcome and completely unexpected side effect.

Seeing Gavin's suburban food farm was fantastic. I have a rather extensive veggie garden, with lots of fruit trees in pots, two compost heaps, a worm farm, the bokashi bucket and of course the greenhouse, so it was nice to meet someone else who is just as passionate about growing their own food.

I know (because they all told me) everyone left inspired to live a little more sustainably, understanding that living an eco-friendly life in 2014 doesn't mean living like the Amish, having to move to acreage or having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars.

We learned that Cheapskating and sustainability really do go hand-in-hand.


  1. Hi Cath, thanks for inviting me. Ben and I had a great time and I really enjoyed presenting to your members, and answering the amazing amount of questions.

    Brilliant gathering.


    1. We loved having you and Ben, and you found out just how much we all want to learn - we always have lots and lots of questions :)


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