25 September 2014

A Recipe for a Simple MOO Body Lotion

Winter is over and spring is here, it's time to get skin summer ready. That means moisturising, moisturising and more moisturising after the drying effects of a long, cold winter. I've found that as I have become older, my skin just needs more care and that includes lots of moisturising, especially after winter, if I want to avoid that crocodile scale look.

During winter, when long sleeves, jeans and socks are the norm I'm quite happy to just use my whipped coconut oil as a body cream and it works well. Actually it works really well and is so simple and pure although I've been told that some folk find the scent of the coconut oil overpowering.

So during the warmer months I use something a little lighter, that is absorbed just as well as the coconut oil. I use this really simple body lotion. It's great for arms, legs, d├ęcolletage. You can even use it on your face and throat as a night cream.

This body lotion is just scrumptious. It is so light and silky, and so moisturising that winter dryness just doesn't stand a chance. It's great for those extra dry areas too - elbows, feet, knees and hands.

You will need:
1 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup sweet almond oil
20 drops geranium essential oil
10 drops lime essential oil

Step 1. Mix all the ingredients together.

If you are having trouble getting the coconut oil and almond oil to mix try using a whisk.

Step 2. Store in a clean, dry container with a good lid.

To use wipe a little of the lotion onto your fingertips and massage it into those dry spots.


  1. I use coconut oil as a face cleanser at night. I just wet my face, take a smear of coconut oil and massage it well between my fingers, then move all over my face in a circular motion. As I clean it off with baby wipes, all my make up comes off too, leaving my skin cleaner than ever, and not stripped of oils.

  2. Do you not moisturize all year round, Cath? It's not an age thing with me as I've been using moisturiser since puberty. When I was first married my spouse would say - you're not coming to bed with muck on your face, are you? But 38 years later he uses sorbolene cream etc. on his knees and elbows~
    SereneBee still in East Vic Park~

  3. Yes I do, but I find winter is particularly drying, especially for feet, knees and elbows that rarely see the light of day during a Melbourne winter. Whipped coconut oil is always in the bathroom and on my bedside table, but for summer I like something super moisturising but lighter, this moisturiser fits the bill perfectly as it's a lotion rather than a cream.


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