15 September 2014

MOO Egg Substitutes

Eggs are among the most nutritious, value for money and economical foods on earth and can be a frugal part of a healthy diet (the Heart Foundation now says up to six eggs a week can be a part of a heart healthy diet). 

It is not often I run out of eggs, but it does happen occasionally, usually after a huge baking session just before shopping day. We don't have chickens (yet) so I do buy eggs. I try to buy the cheapest free range eggs I can find, usually from the egg farm, but sometimes I just have to buy supermarket eggs. Even at Aldi eggs are expensive bought this way so there is no way I will buy them outside of shopping day.

Over the years I've tried a few egg substitutes. Most of them are OK. I don't mind the Orgran Egg Substitute, it's a powder that just needs to be mixed into whatever I'm cooking, although it is pricey. It does for camping because it doesn't need refrigeration and it's light to pack.

At home I much prefer to use another ingredient I already have in the pantry. There are a lot of ingredients that work as egg substitutes, most of them do a very good job, especially in baking.

What is a good substitute for eggs?

Orgran Egg Substitute -  in the health food aisle of the supermarket, follow directions on box.
2 tbsp cornflour = 1 egg
2 tbsp arrowroot flour = 1 egg
1 heaped tbsp soy flour + 2 tbsp water = 1 egg
1 tbsp soy milk powder + 1 tbsp cornflour + 2 tbsp water = 1 egg.
1 banana = 1 egg in cakes

Low Cholesterol Egg Substitute 

Homemade egg substitutes are less expensive and the end result is just as satisfactory as using fresh eggs. If you are looking for a substitute for fresh eggs that you can use in quiche, omelettes and scrambled eggs, this low cholesterol egg substitute works very well. The food colouring is optional - I have never used it and no one has complained.

1 tablespoon of non-fat dry milk powder
2 egg whites from large eggs
4 drops of yellow food colour (optional, depending on use. If in cooking, not necessary, scrambled eggs and omelettes look better with a little colour in them).

Sprinkle powdered milk over egg whites, beat with fork until smooth. Add food colour and beat until blended. This makes 1/4 cup, which is equal to 1 large egg. If you use this homemade substitute for scrambled eggs or an omelette, cook it in vegetable oil or margarine so the eggs won't be too dry.

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  1. I don't quite see the point of this low cholesterol egg mixture. You have to use two egg whites to get the equivalent of pne egg, therefore you have two egg yolks left - do you throw them away? Not very cheapskatish I would have thought! If you end up using them in something else, you are still getting the cholesterol.

    1. You've obviously never had to watch the amount of cholesterol in your diet. Anyone who has been on an egg restricted cholesterol diet will understand just how wonderful this recipe is. Oh, and if you are on an egg restricted cholesteral plan, you won't use the yolks - they'll go in the compost. There would be no point in making the egg mix up without the yolks just to eat them in something else.

      You can use them up in a sauce or lemon butter or baking for anyone not egg restricted (they'll keep in the fridge for up to a week if they are in a small glass and covered with water). Or yes, you just throw them out.

      It will still be cheaper than buying a commercial egg substitute.


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