22 September 2014

MOO Monday - Ants Be Gone!

I hate ants. With a vengeance. I'm sure they serve a purpose but not in my home. And with the warm days we've had recently they've popped their heads up and started the trek into my home. Up the steps. Along the verandah rail, down the post, along the bricks right to the kitchen window. I even found some coming out of the heating duct in the loungeroom yesterday. It's time to take action and get rid of them for good.

Ants Be Gone!

You will need:
Jar lids (that you don't want to use again)
1 cup sugar
1tbsp borax
1/2 cup water

Boil the sugar, water and borax in a small saucepan for 3 minutes. This is just like making a toxic toffee for ants.  Let it cool completely; it will thicken as it cools. Put a dollop of the cooled mixture into each jar lid. Then place the jar lids where the ants will find them. Under the fridge, behind the toaster, in the back of cupboards, on the windowsill and so on.

Please remember to keep it away from babies, pets and children - this mixture is toxic. It contains borax and while it is a natural product and safe to use properly, it is poisonous if ingested in large quantities.  Remember to wash your saucepan and spoon in hot, soapy water, rinse them and dry them properly.

Borax is available in the cleaning aisle of your supermarket.

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  1. Cath, do you think Borax would work as Antrid if I sprinkled it around the ants nest?

    1. It might, but they need to eat it not just walk through it. Perhaps a sprinkle of sugar and borax? Just remember to keep it out of the way of kids and pets, chickens etc. as it is toxic. It's great for cockroaches too - I just put some in a lid and slide it behind furniture, under the fridge, washing machine, freezer and so on.

  2. Hi Cath,

    We have a huge ant problem around our clothesline. I think there nest is underneath it. If I use this will it kill them all? It summer the square path under the clothesline is covered in thousands of the buggers, so much so even if you do wear shoes out there they end up half way up your leg cause you have killed at least 100 trying to put the washing out. Not good & it hurts lol.

    Cheers Jo


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