19 February 2015

Our Frugal Wedding Anniversary has Changed our Marriage

We had a wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Wayne and I have known each other for 41 years (I know, I was gob-smacked when I worked that out) and have been happily and contentedly married for 26 of them.

Because our anniversary comes so close after Christmas and until last year was smack at the beginning of back-to-school we haven't really done anything very special to celebrate. Usually a special dinner and dessert at home with the kids and maybe a DVD. Money has always been tight so splurging just wasn't possible.

Until this year.

We don't overspend at Christmas, it is always budgeted and paid for well before December. And this year we don't have school fees or uni fees to pay. We're not forking out for bus passes and text books or uniforms and shoes so I had a little flex in the Spending Plan and we decided to treat ourselves to a movie and dinner.

I used money I had been saving to splurge on Gold Class tickets. If you've ever doubted that saving 50 cent coins is worth it I can tell you that my 50 Box paid for our movie tickets and dinner. Whenever I have a 50 cent coin I drop it in the box. When the box is full I take it to the bank, pour it into the change machine and cash in the receipt. Then I stash the cash in the safe. I don't miss the odd 50 cent out of my purse, I'm actually glad to get rid of the coins.

We had a lovely evening. It has been over a year since we've been out by ourselves for pleasure. Don't get me wrong, we are often out with friends or we are surrounded by the kids and family and we love it, but we don't seem to get time to be just us, together. And that disappointed me.

I love my husband but more importantly I actually like him and I really enjoy his company. Our children aren't children any more, they are young adults and they are moving forward and building their own lives, as they should. Wayne and I aren't old, well we don't think we are, and we have a lot of marriage and life still ahead of us. I don't want us to become the couple who don't have anything in common or to talk about, who only communicate when they are with other people.

I don't want to sit across the dinner table and not have anything to share with my husband.

So we've decided to make more time for us.

We won't always be enjoying a Gold Class movie. Sometimes it will just be a drive into the hills and a look at the cute shops. Other times it might be dinner at the local bistro on a two-for-one coupon. Or maybe just a new DVD to watch together with a bowl of caramel corn to share.

Most of the things we'll do won't cost anything and if there is a cost it will be minimal or something we've specially saved for because that's just how we are.

But we'll be together, sharing the experiences and talking to each other. Hopefully for at least another 41 years!

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  1. XXXX HAPPY ANNIVERSARY )))) to a wonderful lovely couple may all your hopes,dreams & wishes come true


    1. Thank you. We've been blessed. Twenty years ago I wouldn't have said that, but looking back what we thought was an absolute disaster at the time has proven to be a blessing. I'm sure if we'd kept on as we were going the chances of our family being what it is today would be very slim. Instead we have everything we need and just about everything we want, and what we want that we don't have isn't really that important in the grand scheme of things.

      Our life is better than we could have imagined, and while there have been rocky patches (I can be a tad stubborn) we have always manage to work through them.

      I'm looking forward to the future, I can't wait to see what it brings for us, individually, as a couple and as a family.

  2. Awww belated Anniversary wishes Cath♥ What a gorgeous photo of the happy couple, you look so beautiful Cath, I love your Wedding dress/veil/flowers/shoes. Wishing you and hubby many more happy years together:) Linda x

    1. Thank you :) I still have my dress and veil, I had planned to make them into a quilt top but I can't quite get up the courage to make that first cut. Maybe one day, perhaps in time for our Golden Anniversary :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding anniversary Cath and Wayne!

    Cath, your dress is so gorgeous, I can see how it would be hard to cut up to make into a quilt. Maybe hang on to the dress and someone in the family might able to wear and enjoy it too.

    You have known each other a long time, may you have many more years of wedded bliss and happiness together xx

  4. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and what a beautiful pair you made. I do so love your outfit and can see why you can't get the courage to cut into your dress. It is so very beautiful...indeed the whole outfit combined.

    May you have many more years together following your dreams
    Well written words to Shelley...it takes a growing into it with gratitude attitude for the life we live.

    Alexa-asimplelife visiting from Sydney


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