09 February 2015

Ten Crafts You Can Do with Everyday Items

Have you ever looked at a craft project and thought you'd like to try it, only to discover you need a zillion special supplies? Trips to the craft store can be fun, but they can also be time-consuming and expensive.

So why not do craft projects from items around the home? Here are ten crafts you can do with everyday items.

Scrap Paper

Despite the prominent use of email paper still inundates our lives. Make use of it with some of these craft ideas!

1. Quilling

Sometimes called paper filigree, you can achieve an amazing and detailed look with scrap paper. The principle is simple: wind thin strips of paper (1/16 to 1/8-inch wide strips) tightly around a thin tool or toothpick. Remove and shape with the fingers into flowers, hearts, vines, etc.

2. Papier Mache

Dip newspapers torn into strips into white glue and water mixed half and half. Layer them on a mould and allow to dry. Then sand smooth (if you like), paint, and decorate!

3. Paper Chains

Colourful magazines and even junk mail make great "links" for a paper chain. Cut into strips, link as rings, and make the chain as long as you like.

4. Decoupage

Cut out pictures and designs from magazines, pamphlets, or even wrapping paper. Then turn the cut-out over, scrape the edges thin from underneath (you can use a craft knife for this) and coat the back of the picture with decoupage medium. Carefully glue the design to the object (lamps, boxes, picture frames, table tops, etc.). Use a paintbrush to smooth and cover with more decoupage medium.

5. Paper Beads

To make paper beads, follow the method for quilling - except coat the paper strip with decoupage medium before you wrap it (leaving about 1/4 inch decoupage-free at the beginning so you can slip it off the toothpick when finished) and wrap at a slight angle. Add a dab of glue or decoupage medium to secure the end. If you like, paint the paper before cutting it into strips.

6. Place Mats

Cut brown paper bags or other scrap paper into strips, and weave into place mats. Cover with paint and/or decoupage medium.

Cardboard Tubes

 Toilet paper and paper towel tubes can be the inspiration for all kinds of crafts!

7. Hair Clips

Take a 10cm cardboard tube (cut to size) and cut it in half vertically, so you have an open trough shape. Paint with acrylic paint, let dry, and hot glue beads, silk flowers, and other decorative items to the outward-curved side. Glue a plain hair clip to the underside.

8. Napkin Rings

Cut cardboard tubes into two- or four-centimetre-wide rings. Paint with acrylic paint, and when dry, hot glue beans, beads, and spices (like whole cloves and peppercorns) to the outside of the ring. Or you could coat the painted tube with white glue and roll it in a mixture of seeds, beads, beans, and so forth.


Over the years, many of us accumulate a collection of non-prescription sunglasses. Use them in these craft ideas!

9. Lens Chimes

Pop out the lenses of your sunglasses. Hot glue them to varying lengths of thin wire (1 lens per wire) or upholstery thread, and hang them in the wind!

10. Empty Sunglasses Frames

Now you can have fun with the frames. Hot glue beads and rhinestones to them, coat them with glitter, or hot glue feathers and other items to them. You can create a great costume accessory or mask!

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