18 March 2015

Let's All MOO

 Really. Let's all take back the power of our grocery money and tell the big wigs at Coles, Woolworths and yes, these days even Aldi, that we don't want them deciding what food and brands we will buy - we want to make that decision ourselves and we'll do it by Making Our Own!

I commented on ACA a couple of weeks ago that I really do not like my shopping habits being dictated by a supermarket managing director and it seems to have stirred up a hornet's nest.

I don't care; if my comment gets people thinking about how they shop, where they shop and what they buy with the money they earn then that is fan-freaking-tastic!

Supermarkets are shrinking their grocery aisles. Aisles that used to be full of baking ingredients are now down to one half of one side of an aisle. Aisles that used to be full of beautiful canned Australian produce have shrunk to less than one side of one aisle in the average suburban supermarket.

And our favourite brands and products are disappearing. Try finding Lectric Soda in the cleaning aisle or Golden Circle marmalade in the condiments aisle if you don't believe me.

Our favourite brands and products are being discontinued and replaced with generic or store brands. That's fine, I have nothing against another brand but I still want to be able to make the choice to buy that product myself, not have it forced on me by a supermarket genius who thinks he/she knows better than me what I want and what I should spend my money on.

Every month something disappears, sometimes completely, sometimes to be replaced by a store brand, a product I may or may not be familiar with. The items that stay go up in price, putting a strain on my grocery budget.

If I could compare store brand labels to branded product labels then chances are I'd be happy to make the switch. But if I can't compare, if I am being offered just the store brand or even worse nothing, then I get cranky, I cross that item off my list for that supermarket and I start looking for a way to make it myself.

I MOO it.

So far, with almost 21 years of MOOing experience, there are very few things we would normally eat, drink or use that I don't, couldn’t or won't MOO.

Washing powder- MOO it.
Soap - MOO it.
Biscuits - MOO them.
Crackers - MOO them.
Sauces - MOO them.
Bread - MOO it.
Pasta - MOO it.
Toothpaste - MOO it.
Deodorant - MOO it.
Floor cleaner - MOO it.
Cereals - MOO them.
Taco seasoning - MOO it.
Breadcrumbs - MOO them.
Pastry - MOO it.
Pizza - MOO it.
Crumpets - MOO them.
Cordial - MOO it.
Flavoured coffee - MOO it.
Dish cloths - MOO them.

There are thousands of everyday things I MOO. And you can too.

If you can't find your favourite sauce or biscuit or shampoo or washing powder at the supermarket MOO it!

I've been MOOing and teaching others just how easy, cost effective and time saving it is for years.

There is a Let's All MOO workshop coming up on the 29th March and I'll be teaching everyone not only why they should be MOOing as much as they can, but what to MOO, how to fit MOOing into a busy schedule and best of all just how much money we save when we Make Our Own.

And I hope that at the end of the workshop there will be a lot less being bought at the supermarket and a lot more happy, smiling, MOOers who aren't afraid to tell the supermarkets that they know what is best for them and their families and that they will control their buying habits and money thank you very much.

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