01 March 2015

MOO Baby Safe Fabric Books

You can make your own little material books, safe for the little ones and they can be thrown in the wash. You will need the special transfer paper that can be purchased from Officeworks or similar stationery supply stores (Canon and Epson both have an A4 10 pack, you might also find it in $2 shops) and a photocopier, a local library will probably have a cheap photocopy service or a printer with a copy/print function, but if you want to go all out, places like Officeworks can copy onto the transfer paper for a price.

MOO Baby Safe Fabric Books

You will need:
Fabric cut into 15cm x 30cm pieces - as many as you need for the pages of your book
Sewing machine
Transfer paper
Images to copy onto transfer paper

Step 1. Cut the fabric into 15cm x 30cm rectangles. These form the pages of your book;  Each page will measure 15cm x 15cm when finished. Overlock or use pinking shears to tidy the edges.

Step 2. Copy the images for your book onto the transfer paper. Follow the instructions for the paper to iron the transfers onto the pages of your book, making sure you get them in the right order (if there is one for your story) starting with the cover page.

Step 3. Lay all the pages together in the right order. Stitch through the centre of the pages on the short side to hold them in place.

And that's it - a simple, soft, MOO baby book that you can wash when it gets grubby. So simple and quick, they make lovely baby gifts if you personalise them with photos of family, friends, pets, favourite toys, places etc.

Use a sturdy fabric like cotton drill or calico so it will withstand the tugging and drool and of course the washing.

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