24 March 2015

Why I bought crumpets at Coles instead of Aldi

That seems to be one of the most asked questions coming off my A Current Affair story on Monday night.

Who'd a thunk it?

I bought the crumpets at Coles because, even though the Aldi crumpets are cheaper, we don't like them. And buying them just because they are cheaper and then throwing them out because no one will eat them is as good as tossing the money into the bin with the wrapping.

I usually make our crumpets, they are easy and if you type crumpets into the search over on the right there you'll find the recipe I use, but I also buy them and freeze them because sometimes the cost of the bought $2 convenience is a better use of my money, time and energy than the stress of trying to make them, cook them and freeze them.

Simple really. Sometimes the cost of convenience is less.


  1. I tried the Aldi crumpets years ago and didn't like them either. From memory they weren't as filling as other brands.

  2. It's funny, I used to love crumpets... I bought a pack of the classic brand (half price) and they were horrible. Thin and blah. I've made my own before and it is time consuming but they are nice for a treat - at least a *good* crumpet is, anyway.


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