19 July 2016

The Week that Was 17th July 2016

A new technique and a quick card is made!
What a busy week!

I had a lot of work to do, on top of getting ready for the Cheapskates Crafters card making retreat.

This week in our house we:

Caught the water from the showers and bucketed it into the washing machine.

Dried the washing by the fire and over the ducted heating vents.

Cooked all our meals from scratch using ingredients in the pantry, fridge and freezer.

I made a double batch of pita chips - one for home, one for the retreat.

Picked salad greens from the garden for our meals.

Filled the cars up (or rather topped the cars up) when fuel was 99.7c/litre - the cheapest it's been for a while.

Went through my craft drawers to find the materials needed for the card making retreat - didn't have to buy a thing.

Some of the cards I made at the retreat - three new techniques learned and mastered! And yes, I've started my Christmas cards :)
On the very cold days we turned the ducted heating on first thing in the morning and around 5pm for an hour to help the fire heat the house.

Once the cold snap was over, the sun came out. Having north facing windows is such a blessing in winter, the sun through the windows meant the house warmed up without the heater or the fire.

Made a batch of breadcrumbs using crusts from the freezer.

Came home on Sunday night to a sparkling house and a lovely hot dinner as well as a family who had obviously missed me, they surrounded me as soon as I walked through the door and bombarded me with questions and talking about their weekend. Sometimes we mothers wonder if we would be missed, my gorgeous bunch sure let me know I was.

What did you do to save money, time and energy last week?

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