08 July 2016

This Week's Fruit and Veg Haul

Sweet potato 29c/kg and bananas 99c/kg at Pellegrino's this week
Some great prices at Pellegrino's and Bushy Park this week, so good I couldn't resist and did dip into next month's grocery money on my way home from the station run early this morning.

Sultana grapes $5 a box
Bananas 99c/kg
Sweet potato 29c/kg
3kg bag oranges $2
10kg bag large brown onions $7.50

Bushy Park:
Bananas for 78c/kg - another great price and a good winter fruit.

I bought up big on sweet potato. We love sweet potato roasted, as mash, in Sweet Potato Chocolate Cakes, in pumpkin and sweet potato soup and as wedges. It's a very versatile veggie and stores well in the pantry. I put it into a hessian bag so it stays dry, cool and dark and keep the bag in the bottom of the pantry. If you haven't tried sweet potato yet, do.

Pellegrino's also have 3 kilo bags of oranges for $2, not quite the 5c/kg I paid at the end of last year but they're so sweet and we've picked all off our tree for the moment. I put half in the fruit bowl and have processed the rest for Whole Orange Cake.


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