04 January 2018

Cleaning the Wheelie Bin

Thursday is garbage pick-up for us, so each week out goes the small wheelie bin, and either the green waste or recycle bins.

We try really hard not to fill them up each week/fortnight, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.  Last week the small bin was full, Christmas seemed to increase the rubbish. This week it wasn't quite so full, but it was definitely

We also try to keep the bins clean. After all, especially in an Australian summer, there is nothing quite as disgusting as a stinky bin.

I make sure that anything that goes into the bin is wrapped. I also try to only put things that can't be composted or recycled into the bin - saves space and mess. And if there is anything to go into the bin that is going to stink before pick-up on a Thursday, then I try to remember to wrap it and freeze, putting it in the bin just before it goes out.

But even with all these steps, the bin can get a bit on the nose.

So each Thursday, after they've been emptied, I wheel them around the back and clean them. It's not as hard, or as erky, as you may think, and it only takes about 5 minutes.

I use Miracle Spray and an old long-handled broom, the hose and then surface spray. Now surface spray isn't something I use in the house and I try to minimise its use but we seem to be living on a giant ant colony and they infest the bin within minutes if I don't spray. I do only spray around the top lip - that seems to be enough to keep the ants away.
So I tip the bin upside down, turn the hose onto the stream setting and give the inside a good squirt. This shifts anything that may be stuck to the sides or bottom. Tip the bin upside down to empty, then I turn it right side up, pour in 1 cup of Miracle Spray and fill it about a third with water. I use the old broom to scrub down the sides and bottom until they are sparkling (or as sparkling as an old, green wheelie bin can be). Tip the bin upside down again to empty, then it's turned right side up again and put in the sun to dry.

I let it sit in the sun for a couple of hours - the sun is a good disinfectant and to make sure it is thoroughly dry.

Once it's dry the lip gets a quick spray with the surface spray and it's ready to be put away.

The recycle bin and the green waste bin get the same treatment when they are emptied.

I know some folk swear by kitty litter in the bottom to absorb leaks and odours - I find it too messy for me.

I've also heard that a sprinkle of bicarb in the bottom and over rubbish as it's added helps. Again, this is too messy for me and I just know that I'd be the only one adding the bicarb.

It only takes about five minutes a week to clean the bin and keep it as sweet smelling as a bin can be.

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