10 January 2018

What are your top financial goals?

We have a strict policy of not going into debt for Anything. At. All.

If we want something, we do our research and save up until we can afford it.

If we need something, we either use budgeted monies or use our Emergency Fund (that's what it is for - emergencies!).

We haven't always been debt free, so our financial goals have changed a lot over the years. But right now, in January 2018, I can tell you that:

our immediate financial goals are:

  • to continue to save for our holiday later this year - it's another big one, six weeks of travelling.to rebuild the medical fund (it has been decimated the last two years with my medical bills)

our long-term financial goals are:

  • to increase our retirement savings (we are really hoping to not have to rely on an age pension, and I really don't want us to work until 70!)
  • to add to our retirement home savings (the aim is to pay cash for our retirement home)

So what are your financial goals?

  • Create a lifestyle where one parent can stay at home with the children full-time (or a lifestyle where you can share it - either way there will always be one parent at home for the kidlets)
  • Get out of credit card debt?
  • Start an education fund for said children?
  • Pay off your mortgage?
  • Create a 12-month emergency fund?
  • Pay off car loans?
  • Save the deposit on a house?
  • Pay off last year's Christmas bills?
  • Save for a self-funded retirement?

Whatever your goals, put a workable plan in place so your goals will be achievable - there's nothing quite as satisfying as reaching a goal you've planned and worked towards.

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  1. We have 2 big goals at the moment.
    We are currently renting (from family friends) and would like to purchase this house in October this year. Its a big task but something we are trying really hard to achieve.
    Our second goal is to research and save money for a holiday in Townsville in June/July next year.
    Obviously the house is our number 1 priority!!

  2. Our goals are to buy a house this year and to have a full emergency fund. Last year we paid off the rest of our personal debt, got rid of our credit cards, saved up and paid cash for a good second hand car, the first time I have paid cash for a car, it felt so good! Never realised how much debt was burdening us and not to have any gives me such peace. Not to mention it completely frees up our money and we can save like crazy.

    1. Congratulations Robyn, what a wonderful year you had! For years I've been saying cash is king, and I still believe that. When you have cash, you have true buying power. I bet you get more and more motivated every time you see your home savings grow - well done.

  3. My goal was to pay off my house after my husband left me and I now have the deeds to my house and no c/cards and money in the bank if I need it and had a good holiday so pleased with me

    1. Congratulations Karen! That's a huge achievement, and I'm sure your holiday was well deserved.


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