06 January 2018

Staying Cool in a (Mini) Heatwave

Well today it is finally hot. Real Aussie summer hot. Here in Melbourne the forecast is to reach 42C (according to the nearest weather station we'll reach 41C. This is going to be the hottest day in two years, and of course it's being called a heatwave. I'm not sure a single day really is a heatwave, but either way, it's hot.

I was up before the sun, shutting windows and blinds, making sure the doors were shut tight and putting the sausages along them and turning on all the fans. As this is a one-day heatwave, we're going to try and ride it out without turning on the air conditioning. If it becomes unbearable, then of course they'll go on, no point in being miserable and hot to save a couple of dollars.

We only have two north facing windows, and two west facing, so it's a little easier to keep cool. Unfortunately the ceiling in the loungeroom means that room heats up very quickly. While the rest of the house is well insulated, the loungeroom ceiling isn't as thick.

The back of the house stays nice and cool; the thermometer on the kitchen window sill is reading 26, while outside is 36,and this is where we'll spend most of the day.

We made lots of ice blocks last night, ready to add to water or just crunch.

And I made lots of salads yesterday too - potato, pasta, coleslaw - and cooked meat, ready to just serve and eat. No point in cooking and heating the kitchen and frankly its even too hot to stand under the verandah and barbecue. Cold food wins hands down.

This may sound odd (and possibly mean - the third test is on after all) but I've also banned the TVs today. The televisions give off an amazing amount of heat, something you don't really think about, and that heat can warm a room up very quickly. So everyone is allowed to read or snooze or play games, but no TV until it cools down later tonight.

How do you stay cool during a heatwave?

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