18 January 2018

Handmade Christmas

This last week I noticed my dishcloths in the kitchen were getting very raggy, so three new ones came out of the linen cupboard and I spent a couple of nights knitting replacements for them.
While I was in the linen cupboard I pulled out some knitting needle containers and covered them in pretty tissue paper that I had in the craft drawer. They are so pretty and much nicer than the plain, boring plastic they were.
I also had a few minutes here and there this week so I set up my card making supplies and when I had a few minutes I'd sit down and work on a card. It may not be as time efficient as the production line I usually do, but by the end of the week I had some lovely cards to add to the stash.

Such a productive week, all done in grabs when I had a few minutes. And I'm very happy with the additions to the present box.


The knitting needle containers cost $2.99 each. I had the materials needed to cover them, leftover from other projects, so the cost for the three knitting needle containers was $9.99. I've seen them for sale from $19 up to $64! There's no way I'd ever pay $19, let alone $64, for a knitting needle case, so the calculations are worked on the $19 version; that means I could move $47 to the savings account to pay for these gifts. As there is no way I'd every pay $19 each for them, I've paid myself (via the holiday account this week) $24, because $8 each doesn't sound too bad and it's still under my gift budget of $10 per gift.

Only two weeks into this year's handmade Christmas challenge and the present box is looking rather healthy, and I've been able to tick a couple of presents off my gift list already!

Are you going to make gifts this year? Have you started yet? Do you have a plan of things to make, or are you just making as the fancy takes you? 

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  1. You were very productive with handmade gifts, well done! I am planning to create more handmade gifts this year and so far I have made 4 nice cards...I’ve already sent three to their intended recipients, and one extra for my gift stash. I am also determined to greatly reduce my gift budget this year. I love to give gifts, but my goodness the amount I spend is really too much and I am determined to reduce my gift giving budget into something more reasonable. I really like how you move the amount your handmade gifts would have cost into your savings account.

    1. Thank you Teresa. You should pay yourself - you'd pay for a gift if you bought it, so you need to pay for what you make, if only to cover the cost of your materials and ingredients so you can keep producting beautiful handmade gifts.


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