17 June 2009

Tip of the Day June 18, 2009

Creative, Chic Cushion Covers

One way to achieve an individual look for your living room is to revamp old cardigans and turn them into stylish cushion covers. Cardigans with an Aran or cabled pattern look classy, or look for plain ones with unusual buttons and/or detailing on the front. All you have to do is cut off the sleeves and sew all four sides up. You already have the button up area for your opening. Simple, and very easy to do! For next to nothing, you get an individual, one-off cushion... much more satisfying than paying $35 upwards for mass-produced ones from Spotlight or Freedom. If you don't have any old cardies, check out your local Op Shop, Garage Sale or Swap Meet. Size doesn't matter either - you can make tiny throw cushions for a bed, or larger ones for the living room; your choice.
Contributed by Chris, Bakers Hill

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