02 June 2009

Tip of the Day June 2, 2006

Leftovers? No, they're meal stretchers!

When you are cooking, plan to stretch the ingredients to get at least two meals from them.You don't have to cook and eat big meat and 3 veg meals every night. Try having meat and 3 veg one night followed by stir fry, quiche or noodle soup using the planned for meal stretchers (commonly called leftovers by those who don't know any better!) meat and veggies the next night. Omelettes, poached or scrambled eggs are another great way to use up these meal stretchers. Add diced meat and vegetables to a thick white or cheese sauce and use this as a pie filling or to fill thick, fluffy pancakes that can be sprinkled with cheese and a sprinkle of nutmeg and baked for savoury pancakes. Create gourmet pizzas using meal stretchers - you'll never have the same pizza twice!

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