22 June 2009

Tip of the Day June 22, 2009

Think outside the craft store

With the scrapbooking craze at the moment, tools can be very expensive but I've found a way to cut costs. I wanted a heat gun so I could give embossing a go, but to buy a heat gun from craft stores, was going to cost me between $60-$80 for the gun, so my hubby told me to try Bunnings (or any other hardware store), and I did. They were only about $30 for a heat gun (a big saving). But it didn't stop there, I ended up purchasing the tool from Kmart when they had 20% off tools, which saved me even more. I also wanted a pair of fine-tipped tweezers and to buy them from the craft store was going to cost $10-$20 a pair. I had a look in the beauty section at Big W and found a pair that would do the job for $4.50. The last saving I made was for paper storage (you end up acquiring a lot of paper) and again, to buy something to store paper in at the craft store was around $120+, way out of my budget. So again I went to Big W and bought a "Desktopper" (a plastic box that hold suspension files, make sure you get the ones without the lids), and it fits all of my paper in neatly, I can buy more suspension files when needed, it doesn't take up much room (it sits neatly on my desk top - hence the name) and it only cost between $11-$18. I hope this helps other crafters out there.
Contributed by Lisa, Nambour

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