12 August 2009

Tip of the Day 12 August 2009

Save money doing the laundry

Wash in cold water and line dry. Make your own washing powder and for under $10 a year you’ll have clean clothes.
On wet days hang it over the clotheshorse instead of putting a load through the dryer. If you have ducted heating put the clotheshorse over a duct and let the warm air dry the clothes.

If you are drying heavy things such as jeans or bath towels, put them over the clotheshorse, place it over the duct and put a dry sheet over the lot tent fashion. It will create a nice little hot house effect and those wet, heavy things will be dry in no time and your house will still be warm.

To dry clothes when you don't have ducted heating, hang them over a clotheshorse and sit them under a ceiling fan turned to the lowest speed. You can do this even in winter, the fan will not only dry the washing but help circulate the warm air. Some ceiling fans have a reverse switch so they will spin backwards, forcing hot air down.

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