23 August 2009

Tip of the Day 23 August 2009

The veggie exchange

In my family we have a lot of green thumbs. Every summer in particular, there's a competition going on to see who will grow the biggest tomatoes, best cucumbers, larges watermelons etc., all of them organic. I seem to grow the best tasting pumpkins and lots of potatoes, my sister the most delicious tomatoes. Last year I came up with a solution. One person grows four things only. My sister grew tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and watermelon, my father grew herbs, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and I grew pumpkin, corn, potatoes and beans. Then we exchanged. So the whole summer (and winter) we all ate free veggies. Now our veggie exchange has grown with other family members and neighbours joining in. We also have a 'saucing day' where we all get together (byo jars) and make sauce for the upcoming months. Everyone helps, including all the children and not only do we have fun, but we all save a bundle!

Contributed by Maria, Kinglake West

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