20 August 2009

Tip of the Day 20 August 2009

Washing for 8 Cents Per Load

If you haven't tried Cheapskates Washing Powder yet or are looking for a simpler way to get your washing clean, then give this simple tip a try.

Don't like the chemicals in laundry detergent? Use pure soap instead without breaking the budget. I buy a 6 pack of soap cakes for as little as 95 cents. For a full wash in a 5kg washing machine I grate half a cake in hot water. By the time the machine is filled with water the soap has melted and is ready to be poured in. It also saves on fabric softener as the
soap has a softening effect as opposed to harsh detergents. This means a load of washing can be done for as little as 8 cents.

Contributed by Julieanne, Mansfield

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