17 August 2009

Tip of the Day 17 August 2009

Fleece Warmmy

I have one of these and it is so cosy and warm. And it was so easy to make, no sewing! Just a fold and then a careful trim and the wrap was made. Oh, and my daughter named it warmmy when she was little and wanted it to wrap herself in. It took me a few minutes to figure out what she wanted, and the name has stuck. You will need 2 metres of polar fleece. Polar fleece is readily available at craft shops and fabric stores such as Spotlight and Lincraft. You can usually pick it up for around $7 a metre and it comes in a myriad of colours and patterns. Fold in half lengthways and mark the middle of the length. This will form the neckline of your wrap. Now, carefully with a tape measure and a piece of tailor s chalk, starting at one end of the length, measure in 5 cm from the fold and mark a line with the chalk up to the middle of the length. Using the edge of a saucer, round off the line, drawing towards the fold. You should now have a line drawn from the bottom edge of the length to the middle, curving out towards the fold. It only needs to be a gentle curve. If you are happy with the curve (it forms the neckline of your wrap) you can now carefully cut along the line. And your fleece wrap is complete! And shouldn’t have cost more that $15!

From the May, 2004 Cheapskates Journal

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