25 November 2009

Tip of the Day 25 November 2009

Storing receipts for online payments

Rather than printing a receipt after you've made a payment online, save it to an inexpensive thumb drive. Once you have finished the transaction you are given the option to save a copy of the receipt or print a copy of the receipt. If you can save a copy, save it straight to your thumb drive, with a file name such as the bill and month you are paying i.e. Phone/nov09. If you are only offered the option to print, open a word document. Highlight the receipt information, copy and paste it to the word document and save the word document to the thumb drive. You are saving on printing and paper and you still have an electronic copy of the receipt if you need it. Once you no longer need the receipt you can easily delete it from the thumb drive.

1 comment:

  1. There are many free PDF software programs available. By installing one of these programs you get the option to "print" to PDF. Saves a copy for you.

    John in Melbourne


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