04 November 2009

Tip of the Day 4 November 2009

Keep Fresh Spices

When we were married we were given a spice rack full of different spices as a gift. It was sitting on my kitchen bench until a friend suggested that they would last better if they were kept in the freezer (spices have a limited shelf life if subjected to heat and light). I went through the rack and threw out any jars that were older than a year. Then I cleaned out the shelf in the door of the freezer. This shelf is too small to hold anything much and tended to collect odd bread crusts etc but it is the perfect size to hold my jars of spices. Now I can read the names on the tall jars at the back. I have them arranged in two rows, alphabetically. I am storing only the spices I use and they are always fresh. My benchtop is less cluttered and the op shop was blessed with a good wooden spice rack to sell.

Contributed by Ruth, West Pennant Hills

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