03 March 2010

The Full Pantry

If you've been a Cheapskates Club member for a while you will know that one of my favourite places for buying bulk dry-goods is The Full Pantry.

Located in the Melbourne's outer eastern suburb of Croydon in the Croydon market shopping centre, The Full Pantry was the only place I could find when we first moved back here that sold bulk quantities (real bulk quantities, not those supermarket sized "bulk" packets) of gluten flour.

Anyway, on Tuesday Wayne came home with a flyer, so excited because he had found somewhere he just knew I'd love - The Full Pantry!

Bless him, he looked quite dejected when I said I shopped there all the time. Then he looked stunned as he asked "do you drive all the way to Yarra Glen just to buy flour?" and confused when I said "no, just to Croydon."

Turns out they've opened another shop (yay) in Yarra Glen and he was working there doing the locks (after all that is his job) when he decided I would really love shopping at  a real bulk dry-goods store.  He's right I do absolutely love it.

 I not only get my gluten flour there, but other flours, grains, nuts, beans and lentils, soup mixes, dried fruits and TVP.

The Full Pantry is the only place in Melbourne I have found that actually sells loose TVP. I can buy 5kg at a time without a hiccup.

So, if you live near Croydon or Yarra Glen and want a really good dry-goods store, I wholeheartedly recommend The Full Pantry. It's a family owned and run business with great prices.

You'll find the new shop at the Yarra Glen Shopping Centre, Shop 38. It's open Monday-Saturday.
The Croydon shop is located at Centro Croydon, Kent Avenue, Croydon.

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  1. THANK YOU!!! I am new to the ZW lifestyle and have been on the hunt for a great bulk store, i will check out The Full Pantry on the weekend.


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