12 March 2010

Top 7 Ways to Cut Grocery Costs.

Tip of the Day

One of the easiest ways to cut costs and save money is to cut your grocery budget. Yes, you have to eat, but there are plenty of options. It is the one are of your budget that you can manage to the very cent without starving. Everyday for the next week I am going to share one of the top seven ways to cut your grocery costs.

No. 1. Cash
To stick to your grocery budget (and who doesn't?) the easiest and most effective way is to move to cash budget. Good old fashioned notes and coins. It will save you a heap of money, ensure you only buy what you need and stop those impulse purchases on the spot. You will have total and complete control of your grocery budget, without the emotional and psychological pulls of a credit card. If you haven't tried it, I recommend that you do. You'll be amazed at the power you have over your spending.


  1. Move to cash - I did this with my grocery budget and my 'spending money' budget (which includes spending money on the kids) only 4 weeks ago and have saved $500 in that time alone!!! I have separate purses for the grocery money and my money and was thrilled to see cash still in there at the end of each week. I definitely rate this tip - try it, it's worked wonders for me....

  2. $500! That's fantastic! Do you have plans for the money you save?


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