07 March 2010

Now is the time to stock up on cheap (but nice) chocolate

It's almost Easter, the supermarkets have had hot cross buns since boxing day and Easter eggs have been out since early February.

If you use chocolate for cooking (I'm thinking the topping on a caramel slice or in a lovely hot chocolate) then you'll know that it has become rather expensive of late. I used to use the 1c/1g rule and buy on sale but it's been a long time since I've been able to get a 100g block of chocolate for $1.

Until I did the grocery shopping on Friday. Aldi have their Easter range in store now. They are selling 125g milk chocolate bunnies for just 79c each. And I can tell you that the chocolate is just lovely - not quite to Lindt quality, but almost. In the interest of my readers I had to sample it before I could tell you about it ;)

Just 79c for 125g of good quality chocolate - who said you had to eat it for Easter?
That equates to just $1.58 for 250g of good quality milk chocolate. I've just jumped on Coles Online and Woolworths Homeshop and the cheapest block of chocolate was a 100g block Cadbury Dairy Milk for $1.49 on sale (regularly $3.26!).

These eggs disappear fast, I know from past Easters, so if you like chocolate and can get to an Aldi, now is the time to stock up.

Just remember where you hide them!


  1. For people like me (who don't have an Aldi in their town) Big W have also got 125g bunnies but for 98c. The chocolate is made in Germany I think and is quite nice as well even if slightly dearer.


  2. That's still an excellent price, equating to $1.96 for 250g of chocolate. I can recommend freezing the bunnies if you are stocking up to use them for cooking, especially when they are such a good price.

  3. YOu can freeze chocolate OMG Thankyou I had no idea
    Can you tell me do you take the wrapping off or put them in a container
    Thankyou Cath & Happy Easter

  4. I buy the Nestle cooking chocolate buds. My local IGA has them on special at $1.99 for 375g this week, Woolworths had them on week before last for same price. I will eat this as is or I use for cooking and I find it works out quite cheaply and is nice.


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