22 March 2010

Keeping a Busy Box to Keep Kids Occupied

Tip of the Day

With school holidays coming up, having craft supplies on hand can be a good thing, especially when your children are bored. Pull out the busy box and let them do a simple craft. You don't need to spend a fortune on craft supplies, however you can still let your children make crafts with everyday objects they find around the house. Find a box (any size will do to start with) and fill it with things that can be used for crafting. Egg cartons, wrapping paper, greeting cards, junk mail, fancy scissors (99c a pair at Riot Art), cheap glue sticks, PVA glue, glitter, chenille sticks, stickers - whatever you come across. Look in your cupboards and you’ll probably find everything you need for at least a few craft items.

You'll find some great age appropriate craft ideas at these websites:

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