07 July 2010

Creative Doing is a Living Example of Cheapskating

Since becoming a member of the Cheapskates Club I have tried all sorts of things to convince my partner of the benefits of spending less. Alas, any hint of Cheapskating (like buying generic brands, shopping at Aldi, refusing to buy takeaway etc) seems to bring out the spendthrift in him. I have found that the best way to go about reducing our spending is to do so quietly, without making mention of it. For example using half the washing powder recommended (he doesn't even know how the washing machine works so this is easy), buying generic brands and quickly decanting them into storage containers, making takeaway type meals at home one night a week so we get our takeaway fix, packing lunch if we go out for the day, packing drinks if we only go out for a few hours, etc. It would be easier to achieve more savings if my partner was into the Cheapskates lifestyle as well. But just because he isn't, doesn't mean I have to give up on Cheapskating. It just means I need to be more "creative".

Contributed by Tania

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  1. Op Shop finds for my husband are brought quietly inside the house, then put away in his clothing drawers-when he eventually finds something "new" I just tell him he's forgotten, and I that I showed it to him ages ago when I bought it-he has always been against buying second hand, but does not realise that most of his clothes have come from an OpShop


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