02 July 2010

No More Nasty Nits

Head lice are always a problem in schools. One child gets it and they spread like wildfire. With school holidays here, now is the perfect time to get these nasty little critters under control. The Victorian Education Department suggests a chemical treatment that costs about $12.95 for a small bottle, and while it will rid your child’s hair of lice, the bottle carries a strong warning that it can only be used four times per year as it is toxic and dangerous. Yikes!

I prefer to take the advice of the federal Department of Health. It costs less and is much more child friendly. You just apply a very thick layer of conditioner over the child’s head and then cover it with a shower cap for one hour, effectively smothering the lice. Use a cheap, no frills conditioner (about $2 a litre). Rather than burning the scalp, your children will have lovely soft, nit and lice free hair. The conditioner makes combing the hair with the very fine toothed comb much easier and gentler too. Do this every day for five days to be sure you have removed all the nits.

Don't forget, to really eradicate this pest, treat the whole family, adults included.

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