08 July 2010

Hide it before you can spend it

Out of sight is out of mind. When it comes to money, out of sight means in the bank. In sight eventually means out of your wallet. So get your money out of reach before you can spend it. This can easily be accomplished by having money deducted from your pay and deposited straight to your Peace of Mind or Emergency account.

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  1. I also put Post-It notes folded over any notes that are for a specific purpose and put them in another part of my purse that I do not see when I open my purse to make purchases. And the purpose for the money is written on the Post-It note so that I cannot misspend the money.
    Found some money in my purse that I hadn't used for the intended purpose, that has saved me withdrawing more money from the bank for a special day out with my girlfriend that I had forgotten to put in my budget. So two lots of forgetfulness = a win of not using my savings.


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