21 July 2010

Do you pre-cycle?

We are all familiar with the concept of recycling - reusing items for other purposes rather than adding them to landfill.  But are you familiar with the concept of pre-cycling?  This is the idea of only buying something if you can recycle it when it's original purpose is complete.  An example of pre-cycling would be to buy concentrated products to save on packaging. Another example is taking green bags with you when you shop. Not only are you saying no to plastic bags, but you are recycling a bag you already have. When you pick up that packet of biscuits, think about the packaging - can it be used for another purpose or recycled? If it can't then you choose not to buy them. Obviously there will be times when pre-cycling is not practical. The trick is to limit the amount of non-recyclable items you buy by thinking ahead.

1 comment:

  1. I've been reading a bit about this lately. Closed cyle production. Where the end product becomes the start of the new product. I know du pont is looking at this for their carpet business. They love it obviously because when you call them to come get your old carpet they know you need a new carpet so it's a business oportunity.

    Personally though I'm finding it really hard to reduce my packaging as EVERYTHING seems to be packaged excessively.


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