06 September 2010

5 Tips for Using Hot glue

Hot glue is very handy, but it can be messy to use.  These five simple tips make using hot glue safe and convenient.

Drip catcher
Use a clay pot saucer to cradle the end of your hot glue gun. All the drippings are caught inside the saucer, saving your tabletop.

Don't get burnt
If you put hand cream on your hands before you hot glue something, the glue will not stick to your hands, preventing burns.

Fix a mistake
You can correct a mistake that you did with hot glue by placing the object on wax paper and microwaving for 1 minute (remember...no metal in the microwave). The glue will soften and you can easily fix the mistake.

Safe glue stick storage

Store your glue sticks in an empty, clean peanut butter jar with cone incense. The glue sticks are neat and tidy and when you are hot gluing you get a pleasant scent.

Cleaning up the strings
To remove glue strings from your hot glue project, simply use an embossing tool to melt them away.

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